A 360 3D VR Project
Coming 2018

A heart of gold and a spirit of a child.

Cosi was an orphaned sloth I met at a wildlife rescue centre in costa rica in 2017. Cosi was not just another animal in captivity. Cosi was a special sloth with a spirit unmatched by any other animal I met.

He was curious and interested about the world and its people.  He would approach you when you stopped by his cage. He was always facing the walkway, watching the world go by. He had a huge personality and in most photos seemed to be smiling and posing for the camera. Cosi always tried to escape the moment the cage door was opened, always looking for an opportunity to get outside and explore.

Cosi always seemed happiest when he could just roam free on the trees. He was like a cheeky kid, the minute you turn your head he would already be well on his way up the next tree, but he always took the offer of a branch gracefully. Being inside a cage hampered his ability to be doing what was his natural born right, exploring and adventuring in the wild. He was truly a free spirit that couldn’t be free.

Cosi was the original source of orange, light. He was everything that reminded me of a human I liked being around. He was cheeky, curious, playful, full of energy. He loved to explore. He loved connecting with others. He was truly happy when he could adventure outside, roam free and climb, uninhibited. Most of all, he was present. He was always in the present moment, because that’s how animals are. They live entirely in the present, there is no other way.

We could all be like cosi, if we chose to be.

Cosi reminded of the beauty and simplicity in life. He reminded me to be happy and present with what I had. He reminded me to not take things too seriously. He reminded me to do everything with humour and grace. He reminded me that curiosity mattered. He embodied all the things I had learnt over time but now represented a form I could connect with. Being around cosi was relaxing and meditative. He was like the sunlight filtering through the trees. He was a soulful spirit, and the lessons he taught me were invaluable.

The reason why I want to tell his story, because I think there are lessons he can teach us about our own humanity. Cosi set an example of how we could be - better versions of ourselves, better humans.

Amongst these and most important, he brought more light into the world, more orange. Orange being - laughter, joy, positivity, compassion, gratitude, kindness and love. We all have the chance to be the light in someone else’s world. If we understand that the wellbeing of everybody and everything on the planet is our own wellbeing - that we are all one and the same - than the goal of the project is reached.

Here’s to being more present
to enjoying the moment
to moving slower
to being curious
to smiling more
to being an example
to just being.
Here’s to being -
like cosi.